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Definition of the city

Taroudant is one of the oldest cities of Morocco Souss region, belonging to the province of Taroudant and is home to 69.489 inhabitants (2004 census). Founded Princess Amazigh Taroudant in the third century BC, and it dates back to ancient times (the Phoenician period) where he attended the famous trade center. Taroudant will be of paramount importance during periods Almoravid and Almohad, where a military base adopted to monitor the Souss region and to ensure the stability of the desert trade routes.


It deteriorated conditions of the city during the period Marinid where her uncle ruin to become a secondary center. With the beginning of the sixteenth century recovered Taroudant radiance economic and strategic importance with the advent of Tombs. It was Sheikh Mohammed important role in this renaissance which was built by a group of monuments that have been identified urban character; thus restored and support the walls and built the Kasbah Mosque and the greatest school. The outskirts of the city saw the construction of the famous sugar plants, all of this made it Taroudant economically and culturally significant pole. Weak state Tombs became the city room of a local conflict until the upper state as income Mawla Rasheed years 1669 – 1670. After the death of Moulay Ismail prevailed in the city strikes until the allegiance of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah was Khalaha all extraneous to the central authority Souss. It was the movements Molaa Hassan I prominent role in the extension of State authority over this area, including the city of Taroudant.


The population of Taroudant city has moved from 57 136 people, almost a year in 1994 to 69,489 people in the year 2004. The population within the city walls Azur than 50% of Taroudant’s population is regarded as more customers and people shopping is currently in the city, population is indigenous saluting that most of them are coming from the neighboring town of Taroudant douars search work or to bring their families to the structures of health and education infrastructure due to the lack of it in rural areas, as is the majority of the population of the city from the owners of low-income or poor due to the operation of most of them professions seasonal Kfilahh or factories, and it seems the piece clear to the visitor who is visiting Taroudant where he sees that the majority of residents of the city dressed modest clothes and driving an ordinary bicycle.

The climate

Taroudant continental climate of the city with low temperatures in the winter and rise in the summer and sometimes exceed 40 degrees Celsius, annual precipitation rain rate of between 200 and 400 mm.

Historical monuments

City wall

The length of the wall of the city of Taroudant 7.5 km. and it was billed on the same style of the Moroccan Andalusian mediterranean. It is a wall of cob supported by 130 rectangular towers and 9 forts permeate fence five-door is the original door of the Casbah and Bab Alzerkan Targont and the door and the door and the door of the children Bononh Thursday. As abandoned fence other new doors have been opened to facilitate traffic Okvai a door, door Taflakt, Albulelie door, the door of the chain, the stone door, door Bnyarh. The custodian of this historic architectural heritage has been the rehabilitation of the city wall and through several renovations of the fence. The thinking in the fencing Taroudant city is very old, since it dates back to the era of marabouts, it has received in the translation of Abu Muhammad Saleh bin and Andalus (Sir sir), who died in 592 AH, a reference to the existence of “Sura” surround the city because it was in the military encirclement policy approach stationed with the great and Anti-Atlas tribes, but certainly historically is that the current walls date back to released the tenth century, the sixth century AD (10 AH 16 m) where Taroudant taken springboard state Saadia Mujahid and their armies against the occupiers of the Moroccan coast from the Spanish and Portugal. Was the Sultan Mohammed Sheikh Saadi, the renewal of the city and expand its development and informed fence that currently exists in 935 AH, which take the form of pentacle length (7.250 m) and almost introduced between (1.50 m) and four meters, especially when the towers while a height of ten (10) meters in some sides, punctuated by balconies and square towers prominent in the form of small castles introduction while extending stalk Bowl on an estimated area of: (50,000 m2) and there is the north-east of the city in the region, has resulted in a lack of stones in the region to use a large amount of lime and mixed with dirt user usually in the buildings region rammed and because Mohammed Sheikh do not feel safe from the tribes Bedouins surrounding Mohammedia (currently Taroudant), has been used large amounts of gravel to strengthen the basis of its walls, Altmanarta and tells us that: “in the year nine and thirty thousand besieged Bgah Arabs and Albrapr Taroudant city … and attended her flocks under its walls and found the gravel foundation base does not impair him axes nothing to Othaqth Vqntoa. This fence was against a military establishment highlights the accuracy and power of judgment and reasoning military sense. Since that date is a wall of the current city historical and cultural teacher, and a manifestation of the greatness of Morocco Saadi. He expressed that a pimp French in his description of the wall being similar in color to the color of the lion.
Featuring the doors of the fence design excellence, which had originally been set to respond to two essential roles, namely:
Military Role: This is reflected in the protection of the city from all the surprise attack, monitor visitors precise control from which multiple doors within a door building (the door of the Kasbah, the door Alzerkan, door Targont, door chain … Babin each), and while the form Rahbat (squares) located between them room to move military, screening visitors strangers, Square to face some of the attackers, who may be able to pass the front door and delaying the closure of the back door … and on the side of each entrance in front of me find arcs confined spaces is high at about 80 cm above the ground, covered settle the guards ate their food and sometimes cook which is behind a cover of thick smoke into the ceiling. It was these ports are closed during the night by a thick doors of golf, some plates of iron so that he can withstand the flames …
Aljbaia Role: in times of peace the city was turned into a magnet for traders coming from both Alsosah tribes, which was the capital of Souss and Flocked tribes or cities and distant horizons Comerakesh, Fez, the country of Sudan, and the doors were engineering, which forced the caravan to pass a two-door consecutive able to adjust the levies extract as Rahbat were transformed into warehouses to collect the goods and materials that pay taxes in kind to trade Tashar falling toward the city.

Dar gunpowder

An ancient castle, built in the reign of the Saadian a military character and is so named for the existence of a place to store their weapons


The city has a very old mosques and obsolete ones Casbah Mosque and the Mosque of Sidi Sidi, a mosque, a mosque dears teams Kherazin

Great Mosque

The Grand Mosque or Grand Mosque great teacher in the city is currently closed because of exposure to a large fire and is now in the process of restoration
Grand Mosque, or Great Mosque, the Moroccan city of Taroudant, who at the age of 500 years, before the fire comes on most of its facilities.


Road Network

Pass Taroudant national road No. 10 from the southwest toward the northeast, which is in good condition because I knew from the configuration and expansion works, which included road and shelves and public lighting and landscaping various purposes. As characterized by roads in the city within the walls paved with bricks concrete ways, but the reality outside the walls, especially the administrative district contains paved roads in good condition.

Station Road

In the absence of air transportation or Cisco iron bus station is the main gate for every traveler coming to the city of Taroudant, which are available on the bus toward the major cities in Morocco Kokaar, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, are available on the taxi from the large type flies in the direction of the nearby small towns Taroudant, as well as the big cities Kokadir and Marrakech.


Taroudant city is characterized by style Moroccan cities Baltsairh Unified small Taxiat, as the latter does not operate counter but operate as a unified pricing set at the price of AED seven and a half day and ten dirhams night.
Draught horses carts

The city has traction carts horses (Alkocheat) which has to be a visitor from the tour in the ancient city Ptasirh low and affordable price.

The airport

Taroudant Airport, a civilian airport runway is a temple used by small aircraft and has a special club for skydiving

The health

Taroudant city are available on a regional single public hospital (Mokhtar Soussi Hospital), and Mistosfin plus one health center and a warehouse for the dead, is also available to private clinics, but demand has remain weak because of the living conditions of the inhabitants of Taroudant who is considered mostly with limited and weak income.


Taroudant is considered one of the ancient cities and the favorite among tourists for historical researchers exploits a stay in a quiet place away from the noise of the big cities, and the city of Taroudant and hotels offer special services and Botmnh good. The French tourists the highest percentage of visitors in the city and then followed by the Germans and Italians.


Available at several hotels not rated cheap his iniquity. And guest houses. As well as classified hotels like Saadi Hotel. Tiot.vndq Hawara, near the Grand Mosque. Peace Palace 4-star. Golden Gazelle at the entrance to the city 5 stars latter is considered the kiss of many celebrities and the princes and the most important hotels Peace Palace Hotel, which is a private mansion Taroudant governor at the time.

Traditional handicraft

Handicraft is the basic foundation upon which the local economy so that occupies a large proportion of the labor force and supports the city’s tourism sector, and include several areas, including tanning, blacksmithing, carpentry and Alharrazh


There Taroudant four police stations, in addition to a special center for the royal gendarmerie.


Completed Projects

I knew Taroudant remarkable development in major development projects, both of which ended in the works or that are still in progress, study and interdisciplinary college major projects, the new municipal swimming pool, cultural complex, technical and secondary are all projects were completed neighborhood Muhammadi (for Asitah) outside the city walls and so to encourage the static stability and to live outside the walls and reduce residential density inside the fences. The city is also known within the fences qualified for spaces to walk and the Golan Heights is reflected in the removal of the old ways that were worn condition and replace them with concrete bricks


7 May 2013: the burning of the Great Mosque, which dates back to the times and Saadi, one of the largest historic mosques in Morocco, attributed the cause of combustion to an electrical fault, the local authorities tried to put out the fire, but the nature of the construction of the mosque roof and wooden prevented effective intervention to extinguish the fire.

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